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What’s New

UC750 Universal controller

The New Universal Dish Controller UC750 is desigened to be used with all ESSi products and all MotoSat Products that operate with Canadian Service providers (BellTV,ShawDirect).

Locating the proper satellites has never been easier. The system locks on to all required satellites simultaneously. The dish captures the signal, sends it to the receiver then to your TV, providing you with hours of crystal-clear digital high-definition programming from your favourite Service Provider. For more information on the Universal controllers, click on "UC750".

GPS Antenna

Each ESSi RV satellite system is equipped with an integrated GPS antenna that quickly provides vehicle location information to the Elite controllers resulting in quick and precise signal acquisition.

Roof Mounting Rails/Wedge brackets

ESSi’s new roof mounting rails provide the most versatile mounting solution available. The RV satellite system can be moved along the rails if necessary to optimize the position of the antenna. ESSi has also designed a wedge plate system that can be attached to the rails allowing users to install the unit level on slopes of up to 10°, a great option for fifth-wheels, travel trailers and other mobile vehicles with limited mounting locations. For more information on the wedge plates, click on "Accessories" and photo gallery sample installations.


March 6, 2014

  • We will be at the Montreal RV Show on March 6 to 9, 2014. Please drop by and see us.
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March 27, 2014

  • We will be at the Quebec RV Show on March 27 to March 30, 2014. Please drop by and see us.
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December 21, 2013

  • Recent Firmware Updates.
  • See "this link" to download the appropriate firmware.

About Us

Explorer Satellite Systems Inc (ESSi) is a leader in the design and manufacturing of RV Satellite Systems for receiving commercial RV broadcasts. In fact ESSi was the first company to design an RV satellite system for Shaw Direct and continues to be the only Canadian manufacturer of these systems.

Our RV satellite systems are designed from the ground up and manufactured in North America with one thing in mind: uncompromised quality and value for the RV'er on the move.

Our RV satellite systems provide the highest degree of functionality with uncompromised robustness for the demanding travellers who want the best in terms of user friendliness, robustness, aesthetics and quality.

Explorer Satellite Systems understands the challenges that the mobile environment brings to the engineering of systems that will work equally well with various TV Broadcasters, for travellers on the go and in all possible climates that we encounter in North and Central America.

We design all components from scratch, hardware and software, with one objective in mind: Creating the best Automatic RV Satellite Systems available to the demanding traveller.

Shaw Direct and Bell TV are all supported by our satellite systems, ranging from basic configuration right up to HDTV.

Let us bring your favourite TV entertainment right to you, in the comfort of your RV, whenever and wherever you are, within the coverage of your selected network.